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Ascension Symptoms

This is for anyone who takes part in healings, clearings and activations. This is what you can expect after, as the energy does its work on clearing blockages.

Initially, you will feel a high usually, or you may become tired. Over the next few days, the new energy is running through your body clearing physical and emotional blockages. This can cause strange and sometimes uncomfortable symptoms. You need to be gentle with yourself, rest, drink water and spend time in nature as well as eat as clean as you can and avoid caffeine as much as possible as well as alcohol.

Emotional stuff will come up, your family may also feel it. This is normal and will pass. This energy is catalytic and will purge that which you do not need. Whatever emotional or physical blockages you have, will be targeted. Whatever limited old beliefs you have about yourself or the world will be questioned. You will be tested by the Universe as it attempts to show you what you still need to work on. Pay attention to any emotional or physical symptoms you feel at this time. These are messages from your higher self telling you what to do!

Here are some Basic energy Shift Symptoms to watch out for:

Ringing in the ears

intense sweating,


forgetfulness, fuzzy or foggy mind

ascension flu fluish symptoms, but not contagious -- nausea, aches etc,


waves of nausea.

Headache, heat in the head

Chills or trembles in the hands. You may cry for no reason or grieve things you thought you had let go of. You haven't.

You may also feel: extreme lethargy (feeling like you are drugged); gut pain and bowel “explosions”; bad moods, when you are supposed to be “happy”; ravenous eating or no appetite at all Aversion to foods you used to like lack of motivation-- Just rest either sleeplessness or sleeping all of the time. sore throat;

Chakra points tingling -- esp crown itchy skin or even breaking out in hives. Your body may feel buzzy You may see and feel and hear things you didn't before Your dreams may intensify Your intuition will be heightened Dormant gifts will re-appear

If you have been recipient of any of my healing sessions, or activations, or have been doing guided meditations or chakra activations on you tube, any and all of this may apply to you.

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Do not worry, follow your body and things will even out. Healing is sometimes uncomfortable while you work thru areas in which you have mental, emotional or physical blockages.

When experiencing Ascension symptoms due to increased energy, chakra clearings and Kundalini rising, you need to be sure to keep the energies flowing freely. Click here to order a REIKI healing Session

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