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Lori-Anne is a light being with powerful healing energies that she graciously shares over and over. I have experienced her distance healing and on point readings - she has helped me tremendously. I strongly recommend Lori-Anne for her loving exchange and powerful energy.



I have had several distant Reiki Healings from Lori-Anne. She has helped me with some anxiety issues I have had. Also without me telling her where I have chronic pain, she has eased my pain in my wrist tremendously. Lori has a very special gift. She has a very calming and loving way about her and I greatly appreciate her.. She has also helped to open up some blockages that have been holding me back for years. For all the above reasons and more I would highly recommend In.Joy.LightReiki with Lori-Anne.. From the bottom of my heart I thank you.. P.S My chakras thank you also.😘

Old Lady


Had a session with Lori-Anne this morning..very relaxing, professional service.

Dawn R

I have greatly benefited from a Reiki Infused heart healing that was made by Lori-Anne. I was having a hard time getting over my heart being broken and dealing with severe depression, not to mention terrible chronic pain in my lower back and left leg. My depression is gone, my broken heart is healed, and my pain is much better, and whenever I feel myself starting to get down again, I go back to that video and do the meditation and it is so much better than any pharmaceuticals could ever hope to be. Thank you, Lori Anne

Dee Ann

MY vision became blurry when the energy was lambasting me....Vibrating too.  You shared another OH SH.T moment @Lori-Anne Victoria. You get stronger all the time.

Namaste beautiful lady


I don't know if Is correct but. But I got the felling Lori- Anne was inside me...Like Spirit.. That feeling was something incredible. Was like I was empty and start feeling with lights...Like electricity...All inside me...

Thank you Lori. Still feeling strong energy inside me

Millie H

I can't believe how good I feel haven't felt like this in a long time.  My heart is so full of energy and my eyes are clearer I feel so relaxed at the same time.  You have done more for me than you know.   I feel like you are with me now.

Love and light to you my special friend

Smiling Woman


I feel the relaxed light feeling in the area where I'm in a lot of pain every day, which is my lower back/pelvic area. This is amazing.  I'm chilled and my hands are trembling but I feel so peaceful. Thank you again

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