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The gift of Psychic Hearing

clair·au·di·ence is the faculty of perceiving, as if by hearing, what is inaudible.
"his clairaudience enabled him to overhear the enemy's debates" 

Once you begin to open your higher chakras, you may begin to perceive many things you couldn’t see, hear or feel before. Hearing things through the ether, or that others can not detect is called Clair audience. Clairaudience is one of the main psychic abilities. Clairaudience comes from the french words clair (clear), and audience (the action of hearing). Put them together and you’ve got clear hearing. 

Clairaudience is a psychic ability that means you can receive intuitive information from your Higher Self, loved ones who have passed, and members of your spiritual “team” (Spirit Guides, angels) via hearing. You might hear sounds, voices, words, or music. You may occasionally tap into uncomfortable sounds or scenes and hear disturbing bits of info. If this  happens, simply ask your guides, angels or higher self to turn this down for you. If that doesn’t work, close your third eye chakra for a while. (Video on chakra closing upcoming) The Easiest way to close a chakra is put your hand over it. Breathe in and focus on seeing the chakra close up or contract. Alternatively you can trace counterclockwise spirals on the chakra to help it contract rather than expand.

While Clairaudience is usually heard in your head, sometimes, clairaudient messages can be heard with your “regular hearing”. But remember – those in the Spirit world no longer have a physical body – therefore, don’t need a physical voice. Clairaudience is soft and subtle. It often sounds like when you are thinking to yourself. For example, if I’m doing a medium reading and my client’s Grandmother is communicating with me via my clairaudience, I don’t always hear her  voice , sometimes I hear her in my head.  You may hear sounds, words, humming, beeping, wind, water or music in your head. They may have literal or symbolic meanings. You'll learn over time, what each sound means to you, if anything.  Sometimes it's as simple as, just tapping into another time, place or dimension. 

Still, on other  occasions, you may hear words, voices, sentences.  Sometimes these are barely audible murmurs and may seem to be carried on the sounds of running water, the hum of a refrigerator or even sound like chatter coming from another room.  Many  mediums hear Spirit telepathically in their own voice. But sometimes, the voice of Spirit will sound like it did while they were living. Once you are far enough along in your psychic development, you’ll begin to get a sense of who is sending you a message and why.  It might be from your Spirit Guides It could be from someone you love who’s passed on .  It could be from your Higher Self, or you could be simply tapping in psychically to conversations that are happening elsewhere. These could be current, past or even future conversations and can often be people and situations you don’t know in real life. In these instances, simply ask your guides to turn the volume down or eliminate your hearing altogether. 

Sometimes as psychics and intuitives we need a break from the stimulation and information that can be constantly coming at us. And that’s ok. So you’ll  want to know how to turn it off when you need a break. First,  ask your guide team or higher self to turn it down if it gets overwhelming. IN some other cases, you may want to develop a psychic volume dial. 

First, you need to surround yourself with a White Light Shield Of Protection. Or perform the 12D Shield meditation. It's best to keep this activated by default so you can remain protected from negative energies wherever you go. 

Now, in your mind, imagine that this psychic shield will only allow psychic energies to pass through when you want them to. 
Then visualize a dial that you can turn down or up at will, as you raise or lower your own energy vibrations. Place this dial where you can easily access it in your mind. For example, if you tend to see visions, then you may want your knob above your third eye, or if you hear voices, then you may want it by your ear. 

Then when you tap into your psychic ability, you can turn up your dial. 
Make sure that you turn down this dial when finished doing your psychic work or if the outside stimulation gets overwhelming. 

You can also visualize closing your third eye, located between your eyebrows too. Using a psychic dial will help you to focus more, without getting barraged with outside information.

While developing your psychic gifts can indeed be exciting, the other worlds we can often tap into are full of things we may not understand. At times, you may feel like you are going crazy, especially in the beginning of your ascension, as most of the world doesn’t accept or understand the gifts and abilities we possess. So you may want to be choosy who you share this info with at first. 

Find a trusted mentor, healer or psychic you can talk about this to and try to refrain from telling non-believers that you’re hearing voices or talking to dead people. This is for your own protection more than anything else. As this can be a confusing time and your search for clarity will only be clouded by people who don’t understand and fear the psychic world. 

As with all aspects of your development and ascension process, it can be scary and overwhelming at first, but as you ease into your gifts, you will become more aware of your power and become accustomed to your gifts and how to use them for the highest good possible. 

Remember also, this is your path and your journey alone. Nobody can walk this for you and you’ve got to take your healing and your ascension into your own hands. Be proactive. Take good care of your spiritual and physical self. Get enough rest, meditate and drink enough water. Eat clean and limit your exposure to toxic people and the media. Take care of your spiritual self and allow your guides to steer you through this exciting and wonderful time. Before you know it, you’ll be advising others on their path and any uncomfortableness, or fear and anxiety will be a distant memory. Try not to over think. Go with the flow and let your intuition guide the way.

The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation, but rather your thoughts about the situation – Eckhart Tolle

If you are in need of Mentoring, Coaching or Spiritual Guidance along your journey, contact me, Lori-Anne

Check out my YouTube Channel for meditations, activations, free healings and tools to help you on your Ascension path


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