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Liquor and your Spiritual Self

Liquor and Spirituality; do they mix?

Al kol: 
Genie or spirit that takes on varied shapes or supernatural creature -Arabic mythology.
Al kol: Any drug or substance that takes away the mind or covers it.

The word alcohol is also linked to the fixed star in astronomy known as Algol- also known as “the Demon’s head.

The current Arabic name for alcohol (ethanol) is الغول al-ġawl – properly meaning “spirit” or “demon”

alcohol (n.)1540s (early 15c. as alcofol), 
fine powder produced by sublimation, from Medieval Latin alcohol “powdered ore of antimony, 
from Arabic al-kuhul “kohl,” the fine metallic powder used to darken the eyelids, from kahala “to stain, paint.
Paracelsus (1493-1541) used the word to refer to a fine powder but also a volatile liquid. By 1670s it was being used in English for “any sublimated substance, the pure spirit of anything,” including liquids. Sense of “intoxicating ingredient in strong liquor” is first recorded 1753, short for alcohol of wine, which was extended to “the intoxicating element in fermented liquors.” In organic chemistry, the word was extended 1850 to the class of compounds of the same type as this.

You have probably heard me say that after an attunement, healing  or Activation you need to avoid drugs or alcohol for at 24 to 48 hours. And you should avoid these substance for 24 hours prior to your attunement also .

As well, you want to make sure you’re sober before, during and after giving or receiving reiki, healings or readings This is best for you and for the client.  But what is the reason for this? And how important is it? We will find out! 

You may also wonder if alcohol or drugs affect your energy. They do affect your ability to sense the energy strongly and make intuitive decisions with a clear mind. 

They affect your energy bodies and aura and affect your ability to shield and filter out negative and transmute negative energy and toxins.  Your aura is more than just a colourful energetic field. It actually serves a purpose, which is to protect you from negative influences or harmful energy outside of yourself.

Alcohol or drugs can cause the aura to rip holes in itself. And when the aura is ripped, it creates a hole for negative influences to come in

The trouble with doing drugs and alcohol in excess is that when you get the feeling of being high, your aura expands in an effort to contain that energy.
And when the aura is ripped, it creates a hole for negative influences to come in.

When your aura is weakened, it literally creates a vacuum for people, situations and experiences that could drain you of your energy and vitality, which could further weaken your aura.