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Getting Grounded

Yesterday I was extremely high energy, very agitated, nervous, couldn’t eat, all higher chakras were overactive, senses were overloaded. I realized I needed to ground so ate some food, mediated, hung out with my kids.

So how do you know when you’re ungrounded? How does it feel? How does it happen? And what can you do to correct?

Present-day lifestyles leave us very little room to connect with the earth. In the days gone by, everyone lived on ‘earth’, in direct contact. They spent time in farms and forests or doing manual work. Today we live in high rise buildings, everything is mechanized, and depending on where you live, it may be a few weeks or even few years before you visit a forest or a farm. This coupled with the continuous usage of technology , wifi overload can leave our lower chakras under active.

Over stimulation of the higher chakras or too much immersion in fantasy, occult or psychic phenomena can also make us feel ungrounded.

Here are a few signs that you need to get grounded.

1. Feeling like you Don’t Belong Here The main function of the root chakra is to establish a foothold. Without this, you may experience a lack of belonging. People with weak root chakras tend to get lost in alien theories, stories or visions of other realms, or chase a fantasy. If you feel out of place on earth, in your society, in your family or even in your body, this is a sign you need to focus on grounding.

2. Feeling Spaced Out An extreme lack of grounding leaves us feeling spacey and disoriented, almost like it is impossible to think. Being absent-minded is often a direct result of feeling spaced out, and one might end up repeatedly misplacing things, losing track of what you were just saying or doing, and forgetting important tasks.

3. Over Sensitized Another aspect of being ungrounded, is that we become highly sensitized to sounds or light, discomforted by energy, thoughts or words of others. People that we perceive as negative, become very hard to handle and leave us feeling extremely low and polluted.

4. Hard to Focus If you are finding it hard to concentrate on anything, you are ungrounded. This includes a lack of being able to focus on work and on conversations. Mundane tasks seem meaningless and unnecessary. Feeling tired all the time, and even more so when work needs to be done, is another clear sign.

5. Daydreaming Find yourself staring into space, lost in thought? If you’re ungrounded, you are likely to find yourself continuously lost in fantasies about the future or thinking about unreal scenarios.

6. Nervous or anxious The root chakra is associated with action and implementation and when it is weak, the subconscious knows that this aspect is going to falter and will cause stress, and anxious feelings

7. Difficulty Making Decisions A strong, stable root chakra gives us a good grip on reality Without this, it becomes very difficult to have confidence in one’s decisions. Being ungrounded can lead to poor decision making.

8. Erratic Sleep Too much energy in the upper chakras affects sleep. One might find changes in sleep patterns, lying wide awake at night for hours, or sleeping incessantly, if grounding is weak.

9. Digestive Problems A lack of grounding can leave a person without any desire to eat, sometimes for weeks. Digestion needs downward moving energies, and when there is too much energy in the upper chakras and none in the lower ones, the body is incapable of processing food. In contrast, when a person can eat large amounts of food and still remain skinny, that may also indicate a lack of grounding.

So how do you get grounded if you’re feeling spacy, foggy or anxious?

Grounding can be done anytime, anywhere, and no one has to know. Grounding techniques help keep you in the present.

These techniques help to reorient you to the here-and-now and can be helpful in managing overwhelming feelings or intense anxiety. They help you regain mental focus.

Ways of Grounding: Eat some food Have a bath or shower Go outside barefoot Go outside Hug a tree Hug an animal Hug a human Talk to a person Turn off your device Do art! Sing Dance Exercise - any! Breathe Meditate Focus on your heart Focus on your lower chakras

Once you have found grounding techniques that work for you, write them out and keep them handy to ensure you use them when you need them.

We all need them sometimes!

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