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Dream Interpretation 

By Lori-Anne Victoria

Do you have recurring dreams that you just can't figure out?  Have you been seeing the same person in dreams but want to know who they are?  Are there hidden meanings in your dreams?  Secrets to be revealed?  Let me help you interpret your dreams and uncover the hidden mysteries in your mind and discover what your higher self and guides are trying to show you!  Send me your dream and I will interpret and uncover the hidden meanings within it.  I will send you a detailed write up of all symbolism, archetypes, hidden messages  and meanings 


I have been a Dreamer my whole life. I remember my first big dream at the age of two years old.   Since then I have been able to see the meanings in dreams and understand what many people struggle to decipher.  I will help you uncover your innermost secrets and connect you with your dream self and spirit guides as well. 

Send me your dream. I will respond  with details and answers to all of your questions.  You will receive a detailed analysis of dream symbols and meanings as well as my own intuitive psychic interpretation of your dream.  If necessary, I will use the tarot to help me uncover any hidden meanings in your dreams.  All Interpretation reports will be sent to you by email in a Word Document. 

Many Blessings 

Lori-Anne Victoria

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