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Twin Flame Stages and Checklist

If you think you’ve found your twin Flame, read this check list below!

When you are with your TF, you feel a love like none you have ever experienced

Looking at your TF is like looking in a mirror -- the resemblance is uncanny!

There is a familiarity that is undeniable

You instantly feel you know your TF

He is the perfect Mirror of you, your perfect counterpart.

What you lack, he possesses, in perfect balance

You may have met in dreams prior to meeting in real life

You may feel as close as siblings

You finally feel complete.

Your heart is certain this is your other half

There is an intense pulling feeling deep inside your chest that can only be described as a Soul-Deep longing.

When together you experience being in love all of the time and waves of bliss run through your body

Your heart pours pure unconditional love to your TF.

Your Twin becomes the most important thing to you.

You feel connected no matter how far apart you may be

You balance each other

You cry the first time you see him/her -- for no reason

You experience a Spiritual awakening as a result of this relationship

Synchronicity is non stop and numbers begin to show up everywhere

Although each case is different and unique, there are certain ‘stages’ that most Twin Flame couple go through in the cycle of the relationship. Now, some phases can be quick or drawn out depending on the level of karma and lessons that need to be worked out between the couple and individually. Also, I’m sad to say, it is possible to get stuck in one phase for this life and be unable to move through to Re-Union. So keep your eyes open for behaviours that fit the following descriptions as they will be karma playing out.

  1. Stage One – Yearning for Your Twin. It’s a Soul deep longing, you can feel it in your chest. A knowing that there is ‘someone out there’ for you.

  2. Stage Two – Glimpsing Your Twin Usually happens in dreams. For me, I first met mine when I was a child. He hadn’t been born quite yet, but was my “Imaginary Friend” on the playground after kindergarten each day.

  3. Stage Three – Falling in Love. This is similar to falling in love with any other relationship, but with added intensity, especially physical and sexual intimacy

  4. Stage Four – The Fairy-Tale Relationship -- No description is necessary. Much like the Honeymoon phase in any relationship. Everything is love-ly

  5. Stage Five –Turmoil and Purging. This is where issues come up that you need to face and work through. This can be painful, overwhelming and scary

  6. Stage Six – The Runner and Chaser Following the turmoil from Stage Five, many twins break up. Often this happens repeatedly.

  7. Stage Seven – Surrender this is when we’ve realized that this relationship is here to teach us and show us the patterns, ideas and behaviours that do not serve are highest good and need to be released. We release all that no longer serves us.

  8. Stage Eight – Oneness Unification, or re-unification

  9. Stage Nine -- Higher Selves merge

There may be some variation in these stages, you ma skip one stage and or come back to another stage a few times. However this works is how it is meant to be for you, personally, so don’t worry.

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