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These days, many people are Awakening, Ascending and Evolving Spiritually. This means that there are more Twin Flame Relationships than ever before.  This is because, your Twin comes to you, when you have done sufficient self work to be open to the Unconditional Love a Twin Flame can give.  This doesn't mean you have no more work to do, however.  The Twin Flame Relationship will test you like you've never been tested before. But this is such a Strong and Honest Connection, you will, no doubt, grow in immeasurable ways.  

Having said that, there tends to be a lot of confusion about what a Twin flame Relationship is. Many people confuse Twin Flames with Soul Mate connections.  This is natural, as they are alike in many ways.  However, Unlike Soul Mates which are karmic connections and part of our spiritual family, Twin Flames are our perfect mirrors. They are Soul Mates and then Some.  While each one of us has many Soul Mates during the course of our lives, we  have only One Twin Flame.


Relationships with Twin Flames tend to be on-again-off-again, as both twins uncover the lessons their Souls need in this Life time. As well, they are intensely passionate, and sometimes intensely painful.  The lessons learned within these relationships are invaluable to the evolution of your Souls.   If you think you've found your Twin Flame and want to be sure,  I can  help you find out.  I've had the pleasure of meeting my Twin Flame so not only do I know the signs and am able to spot them for others, I  am able to read your auras and see the Twin Flame Connection. 

The Full Twin Flame Reading consists of 10-12 page written report including Tarot or Oracle Reading.  You will receive either confirmation or denial of the connection as well as  photo and aura reading and any past life information or other personal info that comes through.   This will be delivered by email or messenger.  Please allow 48 hours from time of purchase. $55

Mini Read is  2-3 page report $20

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Have a Suspicion and want  to know for sure, but don't want

to book a full Reading?

Try a Mini Twin-Flame Reading for just $20.

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Hi Lori-Anne,

I have no words to thank you, but have loads of gratitude, appreciation and love to offer in return. Everything has a perfect timing so does this. You are extremely gifted and your reading was spot on - I do appreciate your time, energy and effort to provide all the details. 

I was deeply immersed in twin flame research for a few days and immediately started to look for validation, confirmation, information to support what I knew intuitively all along. The moment that I accepted that truth within me, I relaxed and started to focus on connecting the source within and felt like this twin research was meant to serve as an instrument to point me where the true answer is.

Thank you for all that you do, sharing your own personal journey highlight with me -  this whole experience interacting with you was very fulfilling.  I’ll be reaching out to share the next big milestone, when the second pink aura shows up and hopefully very very soon. 

Love and blessings,

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