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Spiritual And Ascension Diet

You are what you eat! this is True. And in terms of your spirituality, this is even more so! We choose what we eat or drink based on personal preference, health, our up bringing and social factors, but most of us do not consider the spiritual implications when choosing what we consume.

Your relation to food is an indicator of your relation to other aspects of your life. What you put in your body has a direct effect not only on your body but also on your mind and soul—on how you lead your life.

It has been shown, through research that in addition to the health effects of different foods and drinks, every food or beverage has a certain level of spiritual energy, call this mojo, or prana.

When we consume spiritually pure items, we take in positive energy from them and this benefits us in our daily lives and in our spiritual practice. We feel healthier, lighter, more clear headed and we become more productive also by consuming them.

If your food is full of Prana, life force, it will give you the ability to live your life to your fullest potential. Food that is pure, full of Prana and prepared with love, meditation and good healing vibrations gives you much more than just the feeling of satisfaction to the taste buds. It nourishes your body, mind, senses and soul while increasing physical energy, positive thinking, creativity, longevity and heightened awareness of life in all its beauty. It brings you closer to the Divine state

On the other hand, when we consume spiritually negative foods or beverages (or dead foods), we take in negative draining energy and this has a strong negative effect on all aspects of our life. We even negatively affect others if we serve spiritually negative food or drinks to them.

Consuming spiritually negative foods and drinks can lead to having more anger, aggression, health problems, and low energy throughout life

Just as fresh produce has more prana, food that is old, dead, or heavily processed contains very little life force. Frozen, canned, packaged, processed, bottled, fermented or leftover foods are either too old to be healthy, or even worse, have been altered with chemical preservatives and flavorings.

Following is a General list of the types of Foods you want to eat or avoid during your ascension process in order to fully take advantage of the healing energy foods have to offer you!



SUGAR and Artificial Sweeteners



WHEAT, FLOUR -- BREADS - cereal (limit these)


TOO MUCH RED MEAT (one per week)

EGGS (once per week) Eggs although full protein are associated with the energy of death so for sensitives can be negtaive or draining.

DAIRY (Fermented is ok, like kefir and yogurt )

POTATOES and Starchy foods (limit these, but eat if you need to ground yourself)


Concentrated or sugary Juice



1. Olive OIL AND Coco nut oil or avocado oil, hemp oil

2. NUTS and Seeds

3. Grains like Quinoa, Couscous, Oats

4. Veggies, especially leafy greens