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Rock Balancing


with Lori-Anne


Spiritual Transformation Coaching

We are all going through a lot of changes right now, due to a global mass ascension and quickening.   Because these energetic shifts can cause some discomfort while the energies settle, it is necessary to be very gentle with yourself during this process.

Do you have ascension symptoms as a result of your energetic shifts that you can not understand?  Or are you struggling with how to integrate these new energies into your body?   Learn the symptoms, and how to ease them as well as any other questions you may have.


I have techniques and tools to help ease these energies as well as ways to help you evolve spiritually, emotionally.  And heal physically.

These hour long sessions can be done through Skype, phone or messenger.  


Together we will discuss your ascension, your progress and any symptoms you may be having.  Afterward, I will send you information specifically tailored to you on how you can make this a more gentle transition.  


​​​One x 30 minute session = 50

One x 60 minute Session = $90

Love and Relationship Coaching

Have you been arguing with your partner?  Are there unhealed past relationship issues that keep coming up?  Trust issues?  Infidelity?  Jealousy?  I can help you navigate through all of these issues and get to the core wounds behind them.


As a relationship coach, I help couples work together to have a more harmonious relationship.  I can  help you clear up your thinking, get some perspective or set inspiring new goals. If there are many unhealed childhood wounds, we can also look at Healing your Inner Child.  

During our Coaching session, we will clarify relationship issues - separating what we can control with what we cannot. It brings the bright light of awareness into the hidden corners of resentment, fear and avoidance.


Together, I  can help you  uncover the essence of what you want out of a partnership, guide you around painful issues, and create a safe cocoon as you face your fears and discover your true desires.

One x 30 minute session = 50

One x 60 minute Session = $90

Twin Flame Coaching

If you are a Twin, either In Separation or in Union

and you feel lost or confused and have nobody to talk to about your twin Flame relationship, I can help.

As a Reader, Healer and Twin I offer support, knowledge, information and healing as well as a shoulder to cry on or simply a listening ear.

$50 for 30 minute Session

$90 for 60 minute Session

One free Follow up Session after every 60 minutes booked

We will discuss:

What you need

What your Twin needs

How to heal

How to move forward

Energetic techniques to help you move toward Union

Techniques to help during Separation

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