Spiritual Transformation and Ascension Coaching


We are all going through a lot of changes right now, due to a global mass ascension and quickening.   Because these energetic shifts can cause some discomfort while the energies settle, it is necessary to be very gentle with yourself during this process.

Do you have ascension symptoms as a result of your energetic shifts that you can not understand?  Or are you struggling with how to integrate these new energies into your body?   Learn the symptoms, and how to ease them as well as any other questions you may have.  


I have techniques and tools to help ease these energies as well as ways to help you evolve spiritually, emotionally.  And heal physically.

These hour long sessions can be done through Skype, phone or messenger.  


Together we will discuss your ascension, your progress and any symptoms you may be having.  Afterward, I will send you information specifically tailored to you on how you can make this a more gentle transition.  


One x 60 minute Session = $44

Four x Weekly 60 minute Sessions = $99

Eight x Weekly 60 minute Sessions = $177

Blessings, Beautiful Souls

Lori-Anne Victoria

Spiritual Transformation