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Choosing a Reader

💐As a reader I would like to give some general guidelines on getting readings. 💐

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1.A general rule is to not give money to anyone who solicits a reading from you. Fine if you request it. But you need to be discerning.

2.Not everyone who claims to be a reader actually is. And that is especially true for Twin flames. Some “psychics” are using this craze to cash in.

3. There are people on this earth and in these groups that are not twins and DO NOT WANT Twins in Union. They purposely give false information to lead twins away from each other

4. There are also people who charge large amounts for readings or healings that you need to be wary of. Some are worth their time but not all.

5. If you can’t afford the rate, ask for a discount or if you can make donation. Most legit readers will take your finances into consideration and adjust rates accordingly, if they become rude or rigid, walk away.

6. As with any service you receive, be it. Hair cut, a car wash, a lawyer or Dr. There are some good ones and there are some bad ones. You really need to be aware and trust yourself. Use your intuition when choosing and if something feels off trust that and back out!

7. Free readings are available as well, you also need to be able to trust a free reader. So be discerning. Ask around. Listen to the signals your body gives you. Respond accordingly

8. Many on your journey sincerely want to help. Unfortunately there are also those that only seek to help themselves.

But Please don’t lump all who are in service with those that are in it for the buck. Use this to hone your intuition and listen to the subtle signs your body gives you.

Hope this helps Blessings

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