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Escape from it all with these lovely and aromatic Therapeutic Eye Pillows.   Filled with  dried lavender, sage, catnip, chrystanthemum and rose petals and barley or rice,  these soft and cooling eye pillows work as a mood tonic, antidepressant and headache remedy.


Used for deepening relaxation during  meditation, alleviating headaches and stress, ridding insomnia or as a wonderful additon to your Siesta time!  


Use these eye pillows to take a restful break during the day, even just a ten minute time out from the daily grind at work.  Just tie or strap your eye pillow on your head, close your eyes and let yourself drift off.  These can also be placed inside your pillow case at night to allow the  soothing fragrance to relax you while you re-charge. 


--Can be cooled in freezer or gently warmed in microwave to add to their soothing and relaxing properties.  


Special Herbal Blend:

One of the most common uses of lavender is for calming and rest, promoting peaceful sleep and a feeling of happiness. Lavender may help alleviate migraine headaches.


Catnip is used for trouble sleeping, anxiety, migraine and other headaches, cold and other upper respiratory ailments.


Sage -- A very small amount of sage is added to these pillows as Sage can overpower, but you may notice a faint hint in this blend.  Sage is  used to enhance  intuition as well as clearing out energy in one's surroundings.


Rose Petals are associated with Love and are used to calm, and attract energies of love, compassion care into your world.


Chrysanthemum flower helps alleviate stress and worry about the future as well as dispelling negativity and can bring good dreams. 


These eye pillows are hand sewn and hands tuffed with Love from Me to you! 







Therapeutic Eye Pillows

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