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These hand made aromatherapy sachets are perfect for keeping calm while driving.  Filled with Lavender, a well known calming and soothing herb, keep this in your car to use whenever in traffic, on a long drive or just feeling a bit of road rage.  


Beautifully pakaged in pretty floral bags and filled with lavender, these sachets should be in everyone's car as a quick relief for those busy stressful drives.  Just pick it up and smell it whenever you feel stressed and you will instantly feel more calm and at peace.  


Can also be placed on third eye for an even more relaxing effect. Or used as a room deoderizer or placed inside drawrs, cubpoards or closets to refresh linens, lingerie and delicates and to keep away pests! 


When not in use, these sachets emit a pleasant and soothing aroma for your car, room or space.


As always, they are hand-made with Love! 



Lavender Sachet

$11.77 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
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