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Series e-Book

This handy little e-book contains Information and  Activations  for all 7 Major Chakras.   Also included is a description of many common  Ascension Symptoms and how to ease them as well as  A guide to your physical ailments and what your body is trying to tell you when you become ill or dis-eased. 

This Series also comes with A

 bonus hand chakra activation 


Ebook will be emailed when 

payment is received

Creative Thinking.jpg

Creative Thinking e-Book

Along with a few simple lifestyle changes that you will learn, Creative Thinking  WILL make your life more fulfilling.  It will be less stressful and more rewarding and consequently, you will enrich the lives of those around you.  

YOU have the power to Create the life you DESERVE!

Your Guide to using the power of your mind to attract  and MANIFEST what you desire!  

if you can remember this one simple statement,  YOU have the power to change your life.     ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU THINK POSITIVE.! 


Sacred Womb Healing

Is your womb in need of healing and balance? Most are. And if you’ve been the victim of sexual assault, unhealthy-sexual relationships, parental neglect as a child or any trauma involving your reproductive organs such as miscarriage or abortion or hysterectomy, or if you have experienced a traumatic childbirth, your womb has been traumatized and is in need of healing

Through the process of womb healing, we help you awaken your feminine womb space and release the pain, trauma, and old patterns you are carrying. This is a guided journey deep into your womb using the power of the Ocean to feel and receive awareness of what needs healing and clearing in your womb. This includes a shamanic energy healing with Light Medicine, Light language and Reiki and colour and sound to clear, heal and empower the womb.

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