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Twin Flames

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Twin Flame Relationships

These days, many people are Awakening, Ascending and Evolving Spiritually. This means that there are more Twin Flame Relationships than ever before.  This is because; your Twin comes to you, when you have done sufficient self-work to be open to the Unconditional Love a Twin Flame can give.  This doesn't mean you have no more work to do, however.  The Twin Flame Relationship will test you like you've never been tested before. But this is such a Strong and Honest Connection, you will, no doubt, grow in immeasurable ways.  

Having said that, there tends to be a lot of confusion about what a Twin flame Relationship is. Many people confuse Twin Flames with Soul Mate connections.  This is natural, as they are alike in many ways.  However, Unlike Soul Mates which are karmic connections and part of our spiritual family, Twin Flames are our perfect mirrors. They are Soul Mates and then some.  While each one of us has many Soul Mates during the course of our lives, we have only One Twin Flame.


Twin flames, also called twin souls, are literally the other half of your soul. We each have only one twin, two beings that came from the same soul, but split.   After being split, the two halves went their separate ways, for lifetimes upon lifetimes.  They gathered as much human experience as they could before finally reincarnating in their last human existence on Earth, the lifetime in which they will be reunited.  

Although each case is different and unique, there are certain ‘stages’ that most Twin Flame couple go through in the cycle of the relationship.   Now, some phases can be quick or drawn out depending on the level of karma and lessons that need to be worked out between the couple and individually.  Also, I’m sad to say, it is possible to get stuck in one phase for this life and  be unable to move through to Re-Union.  

Keep in mind that in a Twin flame relationship we are meant to do our own self work.  We are shown our hurdles, shortcomings and lack so that we may work on healing these parts of self.  It's a Catch-22, but  we need to know that we can survive without our twin and that we are strong enough to be on our own, before we are able to fully and truly accept this connection into our lives.

If any of this sounds familiar, and you'd like to know for certain  if you've found your Twin Flame, you can book a Twin Flame Reading here:

Do you have someone you believe is your twin and want confirmation? A Twin Flame Reading will tell you.  Full Reading is a 10-12 page written report including confirmation as well as obstacles to the connection.  I will need a photo of you and your person of interest in order to check the energetic connection.

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