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Twin Flame Reiki Healing


A Twin Flame Reiki Healing Session addresses the needs of the individuals, as well as the needs of the relationship, thus creating healthy bonds as it releases stagnant, unhealthy energies that may be impeding the relationship’s growth. 60 min  $77

This Session is a powerful way for Twin Flames to reconnect and deepen your relationship.  This is a distance Reiki Session during which one partner accepts the Healing on behalf of the Couple.  This can help strengthen and seal a strong relationship and can also re-kindle a spark that has faded. 


This is a Distance Crystal reiki Session during which I use Light Medicine and  Shamanic Journeying , with my Guide Team and any of your guides that decide to make an appearance.


We will take you and your Twin through a healing session in a Crystal Healing pond to repair any emotional or physical damage to you both and activate chakras, and remove any implants or programming that are hindering the connection, thus resulting in a stronger more healthy connection.


If pertinent we will also facilitate a merging of energy bodies as we strengthen the bond. 

What this is NOT: forcing your twin to contact you. Or Manifesting a Twin. This is for healing the Twin Flame connection and is for the Greatest good of both parts of the Divine Couple.

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