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Chakra Activation Series

Chakras are centers of energy, located on the center of the body. However they do expand outward into your auric field. There are seven main chakras plus chakras on your hands and feet and above your head (Soul Star) and below your feet (Earth Star) one at the base of your skull (Spirit chakra) and minor chakras that you share with people you are close too.

Chakras, when they're "open," or Active, are funtioning properly. This can also be referrec to as balanced.

Some chakras are not open enough (being under-active), and to compensate, other chakras are over-active. The ideal state is where the chakras are balanced and active.

There are many techniques to balance and activate the chakras. In my Series I use sound, vibrations and visual images. It makes no sense to try to make over-active chakras less active, as they are compensating for other chakras. To stop them from compensating, the chakras they are compensating for must be opened. This Creator balance and harmony in the body.

Energy passes through the chakras to your etheric energy field or aura and onto the outside world, and from the outside world back through your auric layers to and through your chakras to your body. This energy exchange is what gives you that psychic sense of your surroundings, while the flow of this energy is directly affected by your thoughts, emotions, health, and state of mind.

Our chakras are influenced by everything we do, and go in and out of alignment and balance naturally. From little stresses, minor illnesses, and leading the fast-paced lifestyles we do today, our chakras need to be realigned to eliminate dis-ease of the mind, body and spirit

When your chakras are going from blocked to open, also called inactive to active or imbalanced to balanced, you will feel many different things in your body.

As the healing energies are working in various chakra centers, you are likely to experience a lot of old repressed memories, sensations and feelings. These experiences indicate the areas being affect , and the stages of your development. (See Emotional Causes of Physical did-ease)

While this is happening in your body, it is important not to get attached to any one feeling or sensation - as they will all shift and change from moment to moment.

Depending on the chakras being stimulated, the signs and symptoms of this releasing or processing vary.

If any of your chakras are inactive, this can manifest into illness, discomfort or pain in your body or mind. For eg, an inactive Root Chakra can manifest as a bad immune system response where as an inactive solar plexus can manifest as the stomach flu, a stomachache or even gallstones.

When the Heart is inactive you can experience tightness in the chest, a feeling of heavy dense energy and even chest pain, upper back pain or shoulder pain. This can also happen when the heart chakra is activating.

Chakras are linked not just with our mind/thoughts but also with Kundalini Awakening as well. When the body is going through a cleanse it can also manifest into illness where it causes the energy to slowly heal and release.

Some other symptoms of chakra Activation include:

  1. Tingling in your body especially at chakra areas

  2. Tingling hands and feet

  3. Pressure in chakras

  4. Pain in chakras (esp heart, Many people mistake this for heart attack symptoms, it’s not)

  5. Extreme visuals

  6. Heat

  7. Vibrations in your body especially at Chakra points

  8. Ears rining

  9. Dizziness

  10. Any of the other Ascension Symptoms here:

After conscious clearing or meditation, it is good to visualize white light coming down into your body to fill the areas where the lower vibrational energies once were. Keep your thoughts centered in your heart in love. We will all get through this at our own time and pace. Remain heart centered at all times and these symptoms will be gone before you know it and you will be well on your way to your new higher vibrational version of you self!

Namaste and Many Blessings

Lori-Anne Victoria

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