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Emotional Causes of Physical Illness

Emotional Causes of Physical Illness


Here is some info on Emotional Causes of Physical problems. This is NOT to say that your illness or disease is your **Fault** . Rather this is to empower you to be able to make necessary changes in your life by identifying where wounding occurred and then healing those emotional scars.

NOTE- I have UPDATED this post to Include the chakra most closely connected to each body part, so you know which one to focus on in healing.

Emotional Causes of Physical Problems

Right Side of the Body: Masculine energy. Giving, assertive, extroverted. Bringing ideas in to action. Perceptions of masculinity. Problems may indicate: unresolved resentment with males inability to give, inability or over expression of masculine energy, overexertion in work. Root and Sacral Chakras Refer to specific body parts

Left Side of the Body: Feminine energy. Receiving, passive, intuitive, creative. Reflects relationship with own feminine side and or with females. Problems may indicate: unresolved issues with female, feeling unworthy inability or over expression of feminine energy. Inhibited creative expression or not responding to intuition. Heart Chakra Refer to specific body parts

Top half of Body: Communication, senses, emotions, touching. Assertive, active sociable relationships. Problems may indicate: repressed emotional or creative expression. Refer to specific body parts. Higher Chakras - Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown Refer to specific body parts

Bottom half of Body: Contact with the Earth. Stability, strength, balance, grounding, independence. Problems may indicate: lack of emotional stability, balance or self-support. Refer to other body parts. Lower Chakras: Navel, Root and Hand and Feet Chakras Refer to specific body parts

Ankles: Supporting oneself. Stability, balance, being grounded. Flexibility, progress. Adapting to life's changes. Problems may indicate: Resistance to change, inflexibility, ungrounded, uncertain about ones direction in life.

Feet Chakras - Root

Back: Strength, stability, uprightness and determination in body mind and spirit. Support, self-esteem, responsibility. Problems may indicate: a lack of emotional support or personal strength. Carrying too much responsibility, depending too much on others. Carrying the burden of negative or materialistic thoughts and ideas. Repressed feelings and fears. Lower-back pain may indicate repressed sexuality, anger or financial worries. Root, Navel and Solar Plexus Chakras

Bladder: Signifies emotions and desires. Issues of control. Problems may indicate: trying to control emotions or desires, holding on to old ideas, feeling out of control emotionally. A need for approval, lack of confidence, feeling tired, ineffective. Shyness. Sacral Chakra

Blood: Represents joy and nourishment of life. Vitality. Problems with blood may indicate: lack of enthusiasm toward life, scepticism, and selfishness. Unresolved issues with family. Toxicity can result from negative destructive thinking. Purifying one's thoughts and emotions greatly influences the health of the blood. Root Chakra or Heart Chakra

Bones: Foundation and support of our physical, emotional and mental structure. Strength, power and integrity. Earthly lessons. Problems may indicate: Need to become more stable or grounded, lack of internal strength, rebellion. Lack of integrity, building beliefs upon falsehood. Root and Feet Chakra

Breasts: (female): Nurturing, giving love and mothering. Woman's self image, femininity. Problems may indicate: over-mothering, unwillingness to nurture, frustrated desires related to child-bearing, overly forceful attitudes, feelings of inadequacy as a woman. Feeling misunderstood or not respected. Heart Chakra

Colon: Elimination of the unnecessary. Issues related to control and materiality. Problems may indicate: holding on too tightly to people, material things or the past. Guilt, bitterness, cynicism, doubt, envies. Feeling cut-off, lonely or left out. Repressed rage, fear of rejection, long standing repressed emotions. Financial worries and feelings of scarcity can restrict bowel movements. Root Chakra