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Carnivore Coaching 30 min

Phone or Facetime or Zoom

  • 30 minutes
  • 50 U.S. dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

Have you ever wondered why rates of chronic diseases have skyrocketed in recent years? You notice humans have moved further away from optimal meat based diet we were born to eat. Do you share the same skepticism I have with regards to the "official" dietary recommendations that are issued by large health organizations in bed with the food companies? If so, join me in The Carnivore Diet Coaching, where I explain where we have gone wrong in our quest for better health and fitness. And help coach you to get your health back on track. Easily. With meat heavy diet. I have been on the Carni diet for almost two years and I still Love talking to people about this way of eating! It amazes me that a simple diet change, eliminating toxic plants and eating more animal products can heal a multitude of health , mental health and auto immune issues. Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, weight gain, acne, or an autoimmune condition that you can't seem to completely control? Anyone tired of feeling like shit every day: No energy Bad skin Gas and bloating IBS Joint pain Depression Anxiety.... I can help!!

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    + 2503280827

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