Each Smudging Kit  contains Two  Sacred Smudge bundles, a seashell aschatcher "bowl" a feather to direct the smoke, one specially chosen gemstone for protection and one bag of loose sage leaves.

Also included is a Sacred Smudge Blessing Prayer for you to recite when you're smudging your space.


The entire kit has been Reiki infused and comes with and  can be carried in a  pretty, handmade medicine bag 


Each part of the smudge kit and the smudging process signifies  one of the four elements.  When the Blessing Kit is used, it invokes the fifth element, life energy.


The shell represents water.  The unlit herbs and ashes represent the earth.  The lit herbs represent  fire and the smoke represents the air. 


The Smudge bowl is  from a shell found on the shores of the Western Canadian Pacific ocean 




Desert Sage Smudging Kit

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