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Receive a Custom personalized
Light Language
Scroll  mailed to 
your home

Light Language Scroll

What is Light Language?

 Light Language can be either a written (in symbols) or oral (sounds or tones)  form of communication that bypasses human limitations around the meaning of words.


Light Language is a vibrational expression that speaks directly to our soul and DNA. 

When read or hear Light Language, what you feel is more important than what you think. In fact, it’s best to allow the mind to let go when receiving Light Language. 

The purpose of Light Language is to shift your energy to a higher frequency than you usually inhabit. It helps your brains enter the receptivity of the Gamma state, which connects multiple areas of our brain. Gamma waves are associated with increased memory recall, sensory perception, focus, processing speed, and creativity.

At the soul level, Light Language can help you heal emotionally and physically, connect to our innate wisdom, activate dormant gifts.  As well, it offers a sense of peace, divine connection and protection.


I will enter a meditative state to receive and transcribe the light language message needed for your soul's purpose.  You will receive a personalized, hand written scroll on lovely paper with your unique, one-of-a kind- Light Language message printed on it.  I will snail mail you a letter with your scroll inside. So fun to receive snail mail these days!  And even more so to get a personalized message meant for your soul! 

When you receive your scroll, simply gaze at the symbols or meditate to receive the message intended for you.  You may hear words or simply be filled with a new intuitive knowing.  

Also makes a great gift giving idea for someone special 

$33 includes shipping

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