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For StarSeeds

Galactic Soul Retrieval

This Soul Retrieval uses light language and light codes 

and a Shamanic Journey and Activation to recognize, recover your innate

Star Seed Self and bring it back into this Now.  

 A Galactic Soul Retrieval brings back and integrates amounts of your Star Seed Soul energy that have been lost, in previous Lifetimes. In this session we will journey through all time, space and dimensions to retrieve  your Soul fragments lost in either this lifetime or any of your incarnations. In this rapidly advancing evolutionary phase on earth spiritual awakening is linked to being completely present – in the present moment with all of your Presence.

The pieces who do come back act as blessings, helping us feel more complete, content and purposeful. Our heart space opens wide to receive them, and whatever ailed us may be lifted. Heavy emotions, once centerstage, are lessened in intensity. All of this allows for better flow, appreciation and a return to passion and vitality.

Once the retrieval is complete, your job is to celebrate their return and make them feel welcome! Talk to them, follow through with the requests they made, and do your best to avoid another departure. It may also help to write and share their story so you don’t repeat it!

In this traditional world of invisible medicine, it’s empowering to know that such tools are available. In all cases, find someone you trust or get referrals. Since this is energy work, we all navigate it differently, and require our own unique subtleties.

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